With the 1-st of September you can download for free here a new Octave song called "The Only One". It takes time to finish this song because I want it to be made under the sign of the recent total sun eclipse. There are a lot of songs dedicated to this event , all of them were written before the Eclipse.I preffer to do this after I still kep in my eyes this unique image. After 2 ' and 10 '' of magic I realised that this is only once in a lifetime and I felt how little we are comparing to the power of Universe.This song is dedicated to everything that is unique in connection with the feeling that I am not "the only one" who enjoys these wonders of nature and of human being beacuse a wonder is not a wonder if there is no one to see it.
" You may say I am a dreamer but I'm not the only one"

The song is an extract from the forthcoming album called

"The Only One"

Take it! listen it! and make it better tasting the Freedom of Music! This album will be given piece by piece monthly on Internet .You can find more about the story of this album in the chapter "Text >>Album Stories". The album could be changed and you can interactivate in these changes . Your opinion will matter about these changes.The album is under construction now. I wait your sugestions and thoughts here